About us

Likhwezi Agricultural Primary Cooperative Limited is a co-operative company that consists of five members, 2 Directors. We grow vegetable such as spinach and cabbage and supplying to various super stores and different customers in different villages and small towns. The farm is located in the deep rural areas of Lusikisiki in a village called Mgojweni at 31. 2920S 29.5863E, 10 km to and from town. The Company has been of existence since November 2021 at an unused backyard garden from the Lingane family, was formerly registered on 23/09/23. Due to growth in demand of our supplies we have expanded to be leased 3.0 hectares of community land by our Tribal leader and the community at large. The land is closer to the river, conveniently for the irrigation. The weather is warm with minimal natural disasters which is conducive for farming throughout the year. With the profit that we make, we put aside funds that assists in the community soccer and netball league and tournaments  






  • Likhwezi Agricultural Co-op to become the leading local provider and supplier of vegetable to the retail industry. This will be accomplished by providing quality products at affordable prices while exceeding customer’s expectations.


  • To promote rural entrepreneurship through capacity development of the livelihoods of people in the rural areas.






  • The company’s vision is to improve rural livelihoods and sustainable food systems in the Eastern Cape.


  • The company’s aim is to become the best local supplier, grow and not only become a local supplier but rather expand to supplying nationally and internationally.



  • Respect and value for local knowledge and innovations
  • Value for the environment and ecosystems
  • Quality ,equality and ethics
  • Passion for farming
  • Value the community and people living in it



  • To enhance rural and economic development
  • To generate employment in order to combat vagaries of unemployment problem
  • Economic empowerment of youth and women
  • To promote knowledge transfer and innovation in agriculture and forestry in rural areas




  • To create job opportunities and employ at least 5 permanent and 5 seasonal employees as soon as the project commences.
  • To plant at least 500 000 seedlings of cabbage and 300 000 of spinach seedlings per annum after a month of soil preparation.
  • To harvest and supply 1200 000 heads of cabbages per annum, 1000 000 bunches of spinach per annum in an informal and formal market.
  • To grow and expand the farm to 10 hectares of land in 3 years (short term goal).




The company’s target market is mainly superstores, small fruit and vegetable store, street vendors, vegetarians and vegans, catering companies and local schools.