Crop Management Assistance

When following these steps on a continuous basis crops production will be maintained. We deliver our crops to our customers based on their location using public transport and this sometimes limits the number of crops that need to be delivered to different customers, however we make it a point that all customers are satisfied and happy with our products. 

Marketing Strategy Consultation

Our market consists of formal and informal market. Formal market being Supermarkets, schools and Informal market being, street hawkers, catering companies, community.We have competitors such as individuals who farm in small volumes on their gardens. We transport our goods using public transport and using wheelbarrows and this is costly and time consuming. We supply Boxer and 4 schools based in our community as our client base and our products continue 


To ensure the quality of our products, we have Nobhatyi Asiphe who obtained the degree in Crop production, she inspects our crops from selection of crops to harvesting, she also guides us and the employees, and she does that as volunteer.